Top 10 Most Violent Prisons In The World

I have known people in my life, some family, some friends, but most have been just aquaintances, whom have spent time in some type of prison.

I remember one guy in particular that was passing thru my place of work. This guy looked like he was just left out in the desert for several weeks only to find his way back to civalization.

After listening to this one mans testimony of the last year of his life, I became interested in the life of inmates around the World. You see this guy I spoke with, to this day I can not remember his name, he had spent the last year of his life, locked up, and left to survive in a South American prison. After that year, and with no charges filed on him, this South American Government, returned his passport, and sent him on his way back to the U.S. After listening to this guy, I could only wonder, what possibly is going on that we tend to turn a blind eye to. What I have read, and researched is enough to make me think more then twice about visiting other countries having a fear of just disapearing into there judicial systems. Here is my top 10 list of the most violent prisons in the world.

10. ADX Florence SuperMax Facility, Colorado

adx florence supermax facility coloradaThe worst of the worst in American inmates get sent to this Federal Prison. ?Mobsters like Anthony Casso, and Gregory Scarpa Jr. Bombers like Theodore Kaczynski "The Unabomber" and Timothy McVeigh whom is now deceased and known for the Oklahoma City Bombing. Terrorists like Ramzi Yousef, Gang leader Barry Mills, of the Aryan brotherhood, Larry Hoover, founder of the Gangster Disciples Union. Even an ex FBI agent, Robert Hanssen is serving time in what is nicknamed "A clean version of Hell". With no privileges like telephone calls, 99 percent lock down, lack of sunlight, and the worst criminals in American history has ADX come in at # 10

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    9. Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

    guantanamo bay cuba gitmoGuantanamo bay is a USA war camp. although most prisoners at Gizmo are protected under the Geneva Convention, it does not recognize ?terrorists, Three British Muslim prisoners, now known in the media as the "Tipton Three", were released in 2004 without charge. The three have alleged ongoing torture, sexual degradation, forced drugging and religious persecution being committed by U.S. forces at Guantanamo Bay. Former Guantanamo detainee Mehdi Ghezali was freed without charge on July 9, 2004, after two and a half years internment. Ghezali has claimed that he was the victim of repeated torture. Omar Deghayes alleges he was blinded by pepper spray during his detention. Juma Al Dossary claims he was interrogated hundreds of times, beaten, tortured with broken glass, barbed wire, burning cigarettes, and sexual assaults. David Hicks also made allegations of torture and mistreatment in Guantnamo Bay, but as part of his plea bargain Hicks withdrew the allegations. But what is hidden behind these walls is why Guantanamo Makes it # 9 of the most dangerous prisons in the World.

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    8. Bang Kwang Prison, Thailand

    bang kwang prison thailandThe prison houses many foreign prisoners. It is a harsh prison which handles death row and long-sentence prisoners. ?All prisoners are required to wear leg irons for the first three months of their sentences. Death row inmates have their leg irons permanently welded on. Not only do you get the leg Irons, but prisoners are only fed 1 bowl of vegetable rice soup a day, If they want more they are required to pay for any extra food, If they can not afford the food they must work for other inmates or even the guards. The lack of food and the power other prisoners receive over the poor make this the # 8 worst prison in the World.

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    7. Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabana, Cuba

    fortaleza de san carlos de la cabana cubaWith a population of over 75,000 inmates. Havana prison is one of the most inhumane in the World. Prisoners lose their human ?rights when they set foot in Fidel Castro's prison and are treated worse then animals. Prisoners are put in cells so small they can barely sit down and can't lay down. Regular everyday criminals in cuba are given a higher rank than political prisoners and are encouraged to beat the crap out of inmates with pipes and clubs. One inmate prayed out loud and the guards shot him in the head instantly. Not only are you dealing with Fidel Castro but with the largest population among all prisons there is no place to relax and that puts Fidel Castro's Prison at # 7 of the worst prisons in the World.

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    6. Drapchi Prison

    drapchi prison tibetI always thought of the Tibet people to be very peaceful and spiritual ?leaders, but become a prisoner in this tibet prison and this is what you will live. Inmates will be killed on the spot just for looking wrong at a guard. If a prisoner happens to survive the beatings full fills the sentence they could be re-arrested and brought back to prison for a much longer time and suffer even more inhumane beatings and solitary confinement for any type of protest while in this prison. Prisoners are also taught Communism and if they resist, then the beatings and tortures are severe. Drapchi comes in at # 6 of the worst prisons in the World.

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    5. La Sabaneta Prison, Venezuela

    la sabaneta prison venezuelaKnown as a brutal prison, violence is a daily occurrence, and inmates are ?at the mercy of disease outbreaks, violence and riots. In 1994 a horrific massacre of 100 inmates took place. Death is rampant at La Sabaneta, as no activities are permitted to release tension, prisoners fight amongst themselves, with deadly weapons, and kill one another almost everyday. The picture below shows the living situation of prisoners, add that to the disease and violence and you got your # 5 worst prison in the World.

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    4. Diyarbakir Prison, Turkey

    diyarbakir prison turkeyDiyarbaker Prison was taken over by the military and used as a martial law prison where most of the prisoners where Imprisoned ?do to Political differences. During there time in Diyarbaker, prisoners have died from Hunger strikes and severe torture. Some of the types of torture included, Wolfhound Attack: When prisoners are stark naked, they are attacked by wolfhounds, and Gallows: A prisoner is taken to the corridor and interrogated in a fake court in which guards play the role of a judge, prosecutor and lawyer. The court gives death penalty to the prisoner. A thick rope which cannot break neck bones is tied to the neck of the prisoner and he is hanged. The rope is untied when the prisoner is about to die. Constant Torture by the Military make Diyarbaker # 4 on the list of the worst Prisons in the World.

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    3. Tadmor Prison, Syria

    tadmor prison syriaDescribed as a kingdom of death and madness. Tadmor's guards butcher inmates with axes. In 1980, after an assassination? attempt on the President of Syria, commandos landed at Tadmor, and killed as many as 500 prisoners in their cells to teach the Syrian people a lesson of who is in control. When guards are not busy tying up inmates and dragging them to death, they can be found chopping up body parts of the prisoners who they recently killed. Its hard to believe it gets worse then brutal axe murders, and dismemberment, but Tadmor only comes in at # 3 of the worst prisons in the World.

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    2. Kwan Li So No.22, North Korea

    kwan li so no. 22 north koreaCamp 22 is home of North Koreas Political Prisoners. Men, Women, Children and Infants serve time in this ultimate dungeon. This is one of the worst. Inhumane experiments are conducted on all prisoners including newborn infants. Women are not allowed to scream while giving birth to babies if they do guards will beat the pregnant women until she stops screaming. When the baby is born if it starts crying the guards usually smother it to death or leave the baby face down on the ground to die. If the baby happens to survive it must endure the harsh conditions the mother must endure. Up to 2000 Prisoners die every year and a large percentage are kids and infants. they die from hunger, beatings, and executions. Most prisoners and their families are imprisoned due to political choices, making North Korea's Kwan Li So N0.22 prison in the top 2 worst prisons in the World.

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    1. Gitarama Prison, Rwanda Africa

    gitarama prison rwanda africaGitarama has the most overcrowded prison in the world housing over 6000 prisoners in a building design for only 500 people. ?Lack of food has Inmates so hungary that they bite chunks of meat out of each other to survive. The jail is so congested that inmates have no option but to stand all day and all night and many suffer from rotting feet. The floor is moist and filled with raw feces. Gangrene slowly sets on inmates toes, they turn black and fall off later. Inmates that are not so lucky to only have toes fall off, doctors have no choice but to amputate lower limbs to save the persons life. The unbearable stench is so horrible that it can be noticed a half mile away upon arriving to the prison. The survival rate is low due to the violence and the diminishing conditions in the building where one in eight prisoners will die from disease or violence. We have Gitarama prison at # 1 because when entering this prison you are already left for the dead.

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