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Economic growth strengthens a country not only on monetary terms but also improves its position in the world.

Low cost airlines Currency values

Emerging Mecca of Tourism: Asia

In almost every survey for top tourist destinations majority of the options are in Asia.  the largest continent with countries having a long and prosperous history as well as prospering economies offers different perspective and adds layers to the same place.

Many tourists visit Asia to experience civilisation that have absorbed modern way of living while at the same time continuing with centuries old customs and traditions.


A. Overtakes North America in Tourist spending and digital travel sales:

  1. The number of tourists flying from west to Asia Pacific has registered steady increase.
  2. The estimated tourist spending of Asia – Pacific for 2017 is $216 billion which is huge increase from North American tourist estimated spending.
  3. Digital travel sales have also registered an increase.
  4. Digital travel sales consist of ticket bookings, tours, flights and hotels through internet.
  5. Travel and tourism has become an important factor to influence the economy of a nation.
  6. Economic growth strengthens a country not only on monetary terms but also improves its position in the world.
  7. Tourism also helps to develop and maintain earlier ignored destinations.
  8. As a destination becomes popular, tourism helps creates jobs for local people.
  9. All these factors increase GDP (Gross domestic product)of the country.

B. Low cost airlines:

  1. cost of travelling is one of the main factors in choosing a travel destination.
  2. Travelling by air is considered most convenient for its in numerousbenefits, reduced travelling time being the number one benefit.
  3. But for a long period of time air travel was extremely expensive and could not be afforded by most of the people.
  4. This left tourist’s choice of land or Sea travel, which took a long amount of time.
  5. Most people avoid long distance travel through slower mode of transportation to avoid travel induced fatigue even before reaching the destination.
  6. Low cost airlines were possible after taking following measures of lower Maintenance fleet, discarding non-essentialfeatures,faster rate f turnaround of flights, stricter baggage limitations, digitization of ticket booking and check in etc.
  7. Low cost airlines act as the fastest mode of travel except for the luxury of a higher cost airline.
  8. After the launch of low cost airlines, travelling became more and more affordable for tourists all around the world.
  9. With decrease in travel cost and time tourists began looking for exploring places that could not have been possible before.

C. Currency values:

  1. The increasing value of dollar increases the spending capacity of an average tourist.
  2. Most of the country’s currency has less value against dollar.
  3. Some of experienced tourists claim that you can survive in most of the Asian countries with 20$ per day.
  4. This might seem to be a bit extreme but a tourist can stay comfortable in an Asian country by sending 40$-50$ per days, per person is totally possible.
  5. Also the flight tickets are way cheaper if booked in advance or booked during special offers and discounts.

All these factors contribute towards making Asia as the most favoured destination for travelling. Find more about 365 travel asia.

D. Important tips to remember while vacationing in Asia:

  1. Pre plan and decide on the countries you would like to visit.
  2. Buy a reliable and accurate map.
  3. Carry a transliteration book to understand and convey your thoughts.
  4. Research for the weather conditions and pack accordingly.
  5. Read about local customs and traditions to understand the culture.
  6. Try to learn about offensive things to avoid.
  7. Ensure safety by using services of government approved institutions.
  8. Learn the art of bargaining.
  9. Always carry local cash.
  10. Store important telephone numbers of Local Police, Hospital and country specific embassy for any emergency or misunderstanding.
  11. Avoid unsafe areas and lonely alleys especially during night.
  12.  Eat food from hygienic sources only.
  13. Have multiple copies of passport, visas, tickets and important travel documents.
  14. Always get travel vaccinated before commencing on the trip.
  15. Carry and regularly apply sunscreens, bug repellent sprays etc.
  16. Be alert and wary of your surroundings.
  17. Have travel insurance.

E. Packing tips:

  1. Packing for a vacation can seem to be the most exhausting part of a trip.
  2. The main rule is to travel light. Less is more.
  3. Requirements change from person to person but there are certain things that should be compulsorily present in every traveller’s bag.
  4. Mosquito net, bug repellents should be carried to every place you travel and not only Asia. With the outbreak of sika virus even North American countries are not safe from the mosquito menace.
  5. Visiting doctors in foreign land may be tedious and expensive. Hence carrying some precautionary drugs for flu, fever, gastric problems is always wise.
  6. Skin requirements such as Sunscreen, moisturiser cleanser should be carried. Travel versions are easy to carry and use.
  7. Napkins,tissues, toilet rolls, sanitisers. Tooth brush, tooth paste and deodorant for hygiene purposes.
  8. Swiss knife for multipurpose use.
  9. A torch, first aid kit for emergency purposes.
  10. A pair of good walking shoes, since travelling involves a lot of walking and an also a pair of sturdy flip flops for beaches or extremely hot days.
  11. Few sets of clothes that can be easily cleaned, is low on maintenance and could be worn in more than one way in different combinations.
  12. Jacket if travelling to colder places or a light jacket for warmer places.
  13. Technological gadgets such as a mobile phone, a sturdy camera with extra batteries, a music device, headphones, a power bank and a world travel adapter to suit all countries socket requirements.
  14. A few padlocks to secure bags and lockers.
  15. Even if you forgot one or more of them while travelling you can purchase it from your travel destination, since most of the things are easily available all over the world.

Travelling to Asia has never been easier and more affordable than now. Asian countries have realised their potential in tourism and increased their pro tourist policies. Combined with the above tips you can also ensure your trip is safe and hassle free.